Karen Lam & Lauren Marsden – Co-Directors of The Pit: A Study in Horror

In today’s final installment of the interviews I did with some of the minds behind shorts you can see at today’s screening of Pure Creativity, I wanted to share a conversation I had with Karen Lam and Lauren Marsden, who co-directed The Pit: A Study in Horror. They had actually never heard of one another before they embarked on this project together, so their interview delves much deeper than just talking about the film itself. They told me about the unexpected benefits of working with someone outside of your own artistic field, as well as how they deconstructed horror films to produce this “creature feature without the creature.” If you want to find out about the main element you should use in a horror film to scare your audience, the popular BC location they used to shoot their film, or what other genre they’ve tried to brainstorm ideas for, listen below.

Have a great night at the festival if you’re headed to a screening tonight!

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