A triptych in the art world, is a work of art divided into three separate sections or panels. In the case of the film of the same name, directors Robert Le Page and Pedro Pires seamlessly interweaves the lives of three characters into a meditation in three parts. Starting off with Michelle, a Quebec City bookseller struggling with mental illness and reoccurring sounds and visions from her childhood that continue to haunt her and her ability to articulate the words inside her head. The film also follows her younger sister Marie; a jazz singer from Montreal suffering from aphasia after a brain surgery leaves her unable to remember the sound of her father’s voice. And Thomas, the German surgeon who operates on her in London, who also struggles with a failed marriage, alcohol abuse and a shaky right hand that prevents him from his practice in the future. Le Page gives viewers a glimpse into the psyche of three very different characters struggling to make sense of the problems in their minds, and allows for self-realization at the end of the film, when you’d never think it possible at the beginning. With the film being broken up into three parts and the intersecting narratives only revealing themselves as the characters are fully expanded, it allows the film to flow in a very unique way. Triptych is a concentrated examination on mindfulness that illustrates the effect of voice and words in understanding the self; executed to great effect through the lens of famed French-Canadian director Robert Le Page.

Ross Currie

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