Good Vibrations

The story of Belfast’s Terri Hooley; a one-eyed, music possessed man who open up a record shop called Good Vibrations amidst the chaos surrounding him in Northern Ireland, is as heart-heartwarming as any music film I’ve ever seen. Capturing the power that music has in bringing people together. Wonderfully shot with archival footage of the time, and an excellent soundtrack featuring Hank Williams, Shangri-La’s, David Bowie and Suicide. Along with the Belfast punk bands that Hooley produced like Rudi, The Outcasts and The Undertones. The film is true to the times and gives insight into the Belfast punk scene through the efforts of Hooley. Packed with humor from start to finish. If you’re a record-collector or music fan this film will definitely cater to you, but it also has appeal aside from music enthusiasts or punk enthusiasts for the comedic value and overall quality of the film. Good Vibrations will be screening for the second and last time on the closing day of Victoria film festival. If you missed it before, I strongly suggest seeing the film. A slice of real-life that is sure to please audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

– Ross Currie

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