That Burning Feeling

Generally speaking, I am not a rom-com person. But when I heard about the plot for Jason James’ That Burning Feeling, it sounded just subversive enough for me to want to watch it. I’m glad I did.

That Burning Feeling follows Adam Murphy, a standard rom-com misogynist whose flippant one night stands leave him with a diagnosis of Gonorrhea. After running into career woes and having to inform all of his unkindly-nicknamed bedroom partners about his diagnosis, he’s also left with a bruised ego and a lost sense of self.

Despite being a character I have no business liking, I never find myself actively rooting for Adam Murphy’s failure – in my interview with Jason James, he says that this is a testament to lead actor Paolo Costanzo’s abilities as an actor, and I would agree. The entire cast does an excellent job in this movie. Tyler Labine’s portrayal of Murphy’s presumptuous, no-holds-barred neighbour makes the film. While I expected to have a couple chuckles during the course of the movie, I actually found myself enjoying it much more than I thought I would.

Vancouverites may be happy to find a lot of references about the area showing up in the film, complete with ridiculously-named condominium complexes.

I think this is a movie that fans of quirky flicks can enjoy whether they tend to be romantic comedy enthusiasts or not. James has done a great job of crafting a film that fits within the confines of a genre and yet pushes its boundaries at the same time.

– Linda Sjostrom

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